Astoroth Design – Heathen & Dark Art Jewellery

Astoroth Design was started by Thomas Skinlo Høyven in 2005 as a one-man business for jewelry design and production. He is an educated goldsmith, with exams of 2001.

The products of Astoroth Design are not as many other jewelry products; they are inspired from dark, occult and heathen styles and symbols.

The black metal scene holds a very strong influence in the designing part, and there is also much inspiration from the Old Norse mythology and the writing method “Futhark”. Alongside this, the jewelry is influenced by rock’n roll, the fantasy genre and medieval armor and weapons to name some of them. All the products are designed and hand-made by

Thomas in his workshop in Bergen, Norway, all made from 925 sterling silver. The chains are mostly machine-made and can come in steel, leather or 925 sterling silver. All the products are of high quality and Astoroth Design is a small production so you won’t find these products mass-produced as so much other jewelry available.

Astoroth Design - Thomas Skinlo Høyven. Design: ManMade