Astoroth Design – Heathen & Dark Art Jewellery

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From December 1st - 31st there will be a "JULEBLOT" sale on all the Astoroth Design products. This sale gives you a 30% discount on every jewellery product in the shop. Just write "JULEBLOT" in the discount box and you will have your discount. Note: This sale does not include Sulphur T-Shirts, Girlies or CD's.

23.08.2011: HOLE IN THE SKY

Astoroth Design will be present with a stand at the final Hole in the sky festival eve. During the festival there will be a 10% discount on every product displayed at the stand. Feel free to drop by for a view of the stand and the products.

23.08.2011: new page!

Finally, after many years of pure laziness, Astoroth Design has a webshop up and going, which makes it easy for all of you to buy some heathen and dark art jewellery. Payment options Paypall and Bigcartel make it easy and safe to shop through this page. Have a look around and see if you find something you like.

Astoroth Design - Thomas Skinlo Høyven. Design:: ManMade